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Self Care Series: The Power Of Breath Work

Life can get out of control. We have so much to do in so little time.The social constructs of modern day require us to produce, reap reward, and wonder if perhaps we’re under a guise. Where are people getting so much energy from? Who has the time to be “on” all the time or is there a secret we don’t know about? While there are several answers to this question; I need to preface this by saying that I can only focus on a few of the solutions at once. Breath work allows us to become more mindful and more focused and for this reason this blog is an important one. I will cover the scientific and spiritual approach that will allow you to adapt how breathing techniques help cultivate peace and calm in everyday life no matter your lifestyle.

Productivity culture leaves little room to take a breath. While some of us can work on that stream of fast production and little down time, some of us require more grounding and rest. If you’re like me overwhelm can be alarming and downright exhausting. The million dollar question: where are you in this cycle? Do you feel behind because we have the hindrance of anxiety and overwhelm? Are you simply overworked? No matter the cause it is always important to remember that we have a choice to take a breath.

Step one: Take a deep breath...

While you might feel a sense of relief because your brain just got a huge boost of oxygen to it, there are more processes that have now come to life. Your circulatory system (CS) has been initiated to a rather complex process. The CS works to move blood throughout your body and from its epicenter, the heart. This complex system allows tissues to get oxygen and nutrients, while also ridding the body from waste. Yes, your breath alone has helped you achieve this. Your actual heart feels a bit more nurtured as you take a full breath. Now, your nervous system started to become more aware of itself, too. Congratulations step one is complete.

Step Two: Take a big deep breath with a slow exhale.

The Nervous System (NS) has now been activated and you are now in a more controlled state. Breath exercises help regulate the parasympathetic system which controls our rest state. If you are a person who struggles with anxiety or overwhelm this is especially important, as you will begin to feel more calm. Can you believe breath alone does all this work to ones’ body? Yet, we take it for granted at times.

Step Three: Take one really deep breath in and out. You, my friend, are magic.

I want to take this time to go into something a bit different. In the essence of what I do in spirituality and self work the basis is founded in breath work. Mediation is not as impervious without breath work. When we meditate we are engaging in a higher level of thinking and being. Our higher self is accessed. In order to manifest, bring into your awareness, or simply generate more goodness into your life, you have to work on your well-being. While this may be debatable based on the function of magic, I believe that magic can only survive when you put your best foot forward. Magic is what good we invest into ourselves and others. We bring magic into our lives based on who we are. Humans have a special entrance into the world and a breath is the singular most beautiful happenstance in the beginning of our life. Our end to it is an exhale and release. The in between in the chosen breaths of magic we inhale to create the life we want to live.

Join the conversation and share the Magic!

Like, share, or tell a friend about it. Start having conversations about what is important to you in your wellness journey. Comment below, I want to talk to you! I believe you are smart and capable of getting excited for your future as it blooms into simple everyday conversations of wellness. I believe our paths have crossed for a reason. I believe you and I can really change the vibes of your life, our community and perhaps even the world around us. But it truly starts with you. Thank you!

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