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Part One: Sacred Reciprocity

I write this holding heart space, knowing it is a sacred call to action. I am creating this in the intention that this topic will come up time and time again as an expression of true recognition and moving forward with the notion of growth and progress. My intention is to push this work out and reciprocally have a synergy effect of understanding, amplification, compassion and movement, but above all sovereignty.

Before reading- take a moment and take some breaths, allow the messages to sit with you.

Disclaimer: there is a lot to say on this sacred topic, in fact it's something we may want to revisit frequently as a means to help us note how this practice is impactful on a full life. There are “so many layers” as my teacher Doctora Rocio Rosales Meza (spiritual teacher) has taught me. So to be effective, I will be sharing this message time and time again as it brings up some different medicine (i.e Words of affirmation, Resonance, Wisdom, Connectedness, Source consultations).

Sacred reciprocity is a simple practice but it has been misunderstood and likely misused for some time now. What it means, how it affects us, and how to cultivate it in our everyday life, and how to work with me personally and others on this spirit-filled journey is what I will cover in this medicinal practice. Along the way, I will guide you to reflect on some terms so that it opens up conversation within you or around you to information you may look into for yourself. I will also be highlighting some vocabulary terms to help us sit with the functionality of the practice in its roots of this medicine.

What does sacred reciprocity mean?

Sacred reciprocity (SR) is a simple practice by nature but it has been misunderstood and likely misused for some time now. In layman's terms, it is the act of sacred reciprocity.

  • Sacred- regarded with great respect and reverence by a particular religion, group, or individual.

Ex. "an animal sacred to Mexican culture"

  • Reciprocity-the practice of exchanging things with others for mutual benefit, especially privileges granted by one country or organization to another.

Let’s dive deeper:

Sacred reciprocity is the heartfelt exchange, gratitude, and acknowledgment for everyone and everything that sustains us. Some have taken this context in the spiritual community to only acknowledge plant medicine i.e. ayahuasca, marijuana, tobacco when used in spirit journeys and spiritual practices, but this act is far deeper. The true intent has been muddled, since even the medicinal/spiritual practices have been quite tampered with for recreational uses and government regulatory agencies. As your awareness grows perhaps you have learned that everything has been colonized (the act of removing knowledge, displacement of indigenous people/lands/medicines). This is important to know as it highlights how doing spiritual work without decolonizing work only perpetuates the problem at large. (That’s a topic for a different day.)

The preservation of the practice lies within the act of pursuing it in our lives and bringing back the meaning from lineages who have practiced before us, SR also deepens the more you practice. The action aligns with a higher vibration which is amplified and feels warm and cozy to say the least. But it is also a reminder of how to acknowledge those parts of us that we have to work on in a discernible and harmonious way so we lead in life with more integrity. This ultimately allows us to have a deeper connection with ourselves and the nature that sustains us, this being counteractive to the current situation we see ourselves in. Growing in sacred reciprocity manifests as groundedness, conscientiousness, and forms of enlightenment.

In Spiritual practice, it is a call for those who consume from the earth (we all do) and then the reciprocal act of giving back to the earth in a meaningful way; this can and should also include the persons, communities and lineages who have preserved these medicines for generations. The act of gratitude plays a huge part in this topic, but as you can see they are not quite the same thing. Gratitude is a feeling, SR is an act. In everyday life, it is a walk of balance to achieve SR- with this said, balance of both knowing we take for nourishment and replant seeds of equity in the restoration of life. Both aspects are powerful and potent and can be interchangeable.

I cannot move forward without acknowledging that we (as a people are socially, economically, and atmospherically) are really behind on this act. The world as we know it has been harvested for its “goods” and ultimately the environment we live in is paying the price. Our precious earth is weeping and She feels for us, but just so you are aware… she has a dark side, and she will live on without humans. Because we live in a Capitalist Patriarchy (see descriptors below) we have to be more mindful of our actions of giving to her and moving in this ancient practice.

  • Capitalism- is an economic system based on the private ownership of the means of production and their operation for profit.

  • Patriarchy- is a social system in which men hold primary power and predominate in roles of political leadership, moral authority, social privilege and control of property.

I have found along my journey that it is really helpful to pray and meditate on this medicine. Then I follow suit with actions-as this creates movement of energy to continue.

Time for reflection: In order to begin this practice to have effectiveness, it is best to consider a journal, or reflective time where you sit down with these concepts and navigate what they stir up in you.

Reflection time:

What resonates with you?

  • Do you remember how to actively feel the energy of gratitude?

  • When was the last time you felt deep heartfelt gratitude?

  • In turn, when have you received a ‘thanks’ that was heartfelt?

  • Do you feel taken advantage of in your kindness?

  • Do you feel the same love you give?

  • Where are you grateful in life that makes you feel whole outside of material possessions?

  • When is the last time you have communed with mother earth? A nature walk, a kindness act for an animal, planted a tree, given thanks?

  • Where do you align yourself in your values to promote your connection to mother earth and/or her protection?

  • Who and what has shaped you into the person you are today? Do you still thank them? (This includes people who you don’t even commune with anymore.)

If you are feeling more feelings than usual to answer these questions, the medicine is working. In fact, medicine is healing and can quite alter experiences to really have an effect. While not all medicine is bitter, some is. Some are sweet. Some are bittersweet. These internal conversations have movement within you because they’ve been hiding under conditioning and programming (more on that topic later). These feelings play a catalyst to propel you to work within the integrity of yourself, that will eventually have a ripple effect on the world around you. If you feel called to share your experience here, you are acting in sacred reciprocity. If you feel you resonate and want to like and share my work with peers, friends, colleagues or on your social media, you are acting in sacred reciprocity. These actions are a way for you to acknowledge that you have received something (food for thought aka medicine) and move forward to give back in the same forward motion. Moreover, a simple thank you goes a long way.

At this time I would like to give you a big Thank You for your time and attention on this first post on Sacred Reciprocity. We will be taking a deeper dive into what this continues to show up as we work to develop a better relationship with ourselves and those that impact our life journey the most. I am excited to get a bit more vulnerable with you on my next blog entry on SR. For reference, allow this conversation to come up as much as you need and go back to the questions for the most impact on your life. Remember above all, this is a journey not a race.

With you on this journey,

With tremendous love,

Yara <3

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