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Parenting and Connection to Love

I have so much to say about this topic. I have an admission that I saw a picture that inspired this blog (today) and I noted that a friend also wrote about this in terms of parenting not being perfect. In part, there are substantial precursors that make me want to write about this from the point of honoring ourselves as parents and allowing ourselves the grace to understand that we are always trying our best (or trying to). I believe what's most important is that we push ourselves to make better people based on what we already know of the world. Taking a chance on yourself and your connection to your spirituality is one way but in general terms it is a self love topic of many sorts to honor all of who you are to make strides and moves based on what the world is lacking and what it needs more of. If you haven’t understood up until this point… it’s love.

Often we have reactions to outside stimulus (whether it be a bad day, news or just a b.s. kind of moment) and those reactions have actions. They are the model for how our children are viewing the world. Whether you are viewing the world from a compassionate point of view or one full of opposing views, your children are watching you. they are learning what the world is based off of who you are, always. When we become mindful of our presence, we become enlightened to the idea that we are more influential in their lives based on our own habits and perhaps moods. The more reason to give ourselves grace. to allow compassion to step in where we are faulty. To allow patience to take up space where anger and unchecked feelings may overcome us. It's imperative to understand that we're not creating perfection. in fact perfection doesn't exist in humans. We are co-creating understanding, fairness, humility, generosity, kindness, but above all love. It's a remembering that in return our children will fall into place naturally based on who we are. So who are you choosing to be?

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