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Aray Tarot: The Magic Behind The Scenes

A small Spiritual business out of my home in Laveen, Arizona, Aray Tarot is my vision and belief system of compassion, empathy, and faith. I use divination, communication skills, and energy healing to transform and change lives. A Mexican woman with Yaqui roots from South Phoenix, I knew I always had dreams of a bigger world that existed outside of my reality. I come from humble beginnings but my heart and sense for the otherworldly would lead me right to this place in my life, there’s really no turning back now.

In my recent interview with Paper Flower Psychiatry, I was interviewed by one of the most beautiful and kind souls I have ever met, Maria Ingalla. Her passion and drive for the community is something that instills in me the belief that there are good people in the world who fight and protect the vulnerable and oppressed. Maria is a private practice Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner, on her way to her Doctorate. Her blog titled “Community Spotlight: Yara from Aray Tarot on Spirituality and Mental Health” Maria created space for me to address the keen points of my work in relation to psychiatry and how they work together. An excerpt:

I am Yara Celaya and proud owner of Aray Tarot. Aray Tarot is a safe space for LGBTQ+ individuals, women of color and anyone who wishes to step into their most authentic self. My work is non-denominational. It is important for me to impart that I am consistently working on Decolonization practices as it is very layered through centuries of oppression. Decolonization work is debunking, dismantling, and shutting down capitalist patriarchal systems of thinking and living. Through guidance of Spirit and my Ancestors I work with anyone and everyone who is working towards becoming more whole and welcoming to a new generation of free thinkers.

Mystics, Oracles, Witches and Fortune Tellers, Healers, are not exactly revered in today’s society. I refute it! I confidently share that it’s my profession and a homage to my culture as I step fully into my power to promote healing, wellness, connection, and safe space for my people. We have seen a dramatic change in thinking with the recent changes in the planets. We are seeing more and more BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People Of Color) and white allies have a curiosity to better understand their true rights connected to spirituality and oneness.

This important message also alludes to the realization of my work. It is not for everyone. It is truly for those who seek a bigger vision for themselves in authenticity, kindness and service of others. It is definitely a journey. One that I have taken so many times. I think that’s why I can say I am pretty well versed in reinventing myself at every turn to fit a life that leads me to a more wholesome and happier future.

All of this to say, Aray Tarot is a safe space on many levels. There is a lot of magic to be shared here. Tips, tricks, wisdom and whatever comes to my mind. This is a place where you and I will continue to learn how to use our voice for good. To challenge the status quo. To move the Earths’ core so that the future isn’t as grim as it is projected to seem. I don’t believe everything I see or read. I inform myself and think critically. I analyze and question everything. I want to show you how to do the same and find your own truth in all of this we call life.

I am committed to help promote change. That always starts at the inner level. I am fluent and committed to my creative endeavors and this faith is my birthright that I choose to use to fuel this mission. It is my intent to share my poetry here too, and I hope it illuminates as much of your soul as it has mine. As a person who identifies as free to love whoever the heck I want, I want this platform to be open as open can be. The awakening is here and I know that I want to be a part of the big changes that need to take place in the world.

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