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 Spirit Guides, Angels and the Cosmos

Tarot Sessions

My work in the Spirit realm is in the light. To initiate this work of divination and to get you on track for a life that works in the highest alignment I work with my Spirit guides, Angels and Gods and Goddesses of the eternal cosmos. You can feel the stillness and peace I have created in my space to be able to do this work if you attend an in-person session. If the session is held remotely or via phone, the energy can be felt in our conversation. I am not only perceptive, I am intuitive. These gifts are powerful and I am very blessed to be able to share them with you.  Both of these gifts have been learned with lots of time and dedication to my craft and now daily spiritual practices to keep me well and in alignment.  

It is important that you prepare yourself to receive the information I share with you. You will be taking the role of listener. Little to no dialog will be shared from your person. As I am developing a new way of communicating my tarot sessions, so that I can do my work in peace and resolve I am noting these guidelines. In order to work with me, please have your questions ready and submitted 48 hours before your session (this form will be provided via email). After your session is complete, you will be given a feedback form to fill out if you have additional questions if you need additional clarity. This includes phone and in-person sessions.  To honor my time, only relative questions can be asked on the feedback form regarding the submitted questions. Feedback responses will be provided by email. Any new questions (in no relation to the ones provided at the beginning of our session) will be priced at a discounted rate per question.

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Angel Magic Tarot Prices

Available for in person and virtual appointments.  Divination tools have existed before you and I. Just a spark of intuition and BAM, you get answers you hadn't yet realized were right there in front of you.  You likely want to know the answers to those baffling questions that just keep coming up for you in repeated patterns  or relationships and even the same cards! I got you! I'm excited to help guide you with a tarot session to find the direction you might be looking for. Please note, it's personal and I look forward to making you feel empowered through any truth you may encounter.  My compassionate, gentle, yet direct approach may be the answer you have been looking for. My favorite readings come in the written form to truly savor the words and lean into our own magic. Frankly, the thing that’s important to note here is that this is something that’s experiential. I place careful detail and spiritual work before, during and after every session. If you are interested in a reading click below.

In person or remote (phone or video chat)

33 Minutes- $77  (2-3 questions)

55 min- $111 (4-6 questions)

Please take note that the amount of time dedicated to answer each question varies, use your discernment to determine how much information it requires to answer each question. Questions such as: what's my life's purpose vs. will I get a raise requires more time. Vague questions receive vague answers. Be as detailed as possible in your writings. 


11 Month Angel Wing Spread Reading AKA General Reading 

(no questions asked) $44

This reading allows you to look into the next 11 months to see what will come about in a spiritual forecast. 

Ask Your Angel Reading 

(Yes/No question) $4/question

This concise answer to your question allows you to get perspective from you Angel. Note, your angels will support you no matter what! This one answer usually comes with a one or two liner response from your angels for additional support. 

Past Present Future Reading-3 card

(one question or general) $11

This reading allows you to see what aspects affect your current circumstance, the validation or notion you feel in the present moment and the potential outcome you can achieve for you highest alignment. 

What Do My Angels Need Me To Know Reading- 4 card

(one question or general) $14

Sometimes we just need a little push or guidance to help get us to the next level. This is the reading for you. 

Yearly Annual Reading

$44 now through December 25th 2024

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This reading is covers 2024 through seasonal cycles: The Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn. As we unfold each season we uncover patterns, transitions, and joys you will experience. This offering allows us to experience how our fate through a lens of possibility, hope and above all love. With creating this offering I want to be abe to share how to hold intention for a year full of contentment and ease.

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Energy Healing Session

Limpias- Spanish for cleansings

This powerful clearing session has lasting effects. Removing blockages and consulting with Spirit to find some avenues for a better aligned path. Mexican traditional curanderismo has taught me that this is a profound and sacred practice. This session is up to 90 minutes and requires complete and total trust in the Divine. Being a vessel for this requires you to understand that this practice is sacred!

***A consultation is required before hand to determine if this is the right fit for you.***

Scale price of $144-$255

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"Walk as if you are kissing the earth with your feet." -Thich Nhat Hanh (Buddist Monk)

Whether you are a newcomer or experienced, leading you on a meditation journey is my honor. Mindfulness is an act of self-love. While meditation is one aspect, the additional layers I've learned on my journey help you become more self-aware and more in tune with your unique path and more present to the gift of this moment. 


Meditation session 30 min-$33

This session is recommended for students who are accustomed to taking meditation journeys. This session serves as a reminder and re-start to your personal mindfulness path.

Meditation session 50 min-$55

This session is recommended for novice students who need the step-by-step approach. This includes a body scan, deep breath work, and a mindfulness journey. 

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For experienced spiritually sovereign folk. Only enter this part of my site if you are seeking deeper magical experiences. This work is only for those who are in right relationship with me. If you need more understanding of right relationship, please read my blog post Sacred Reciprocity:Part One below.

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Prayer Request

Need an extra love or compassion at this time?

Submit your prayer request below. Extra prayers are helpful during heavy times. No need to pay nor think there is some reciprocal act. Just hold yourself in compassion and say what's on your heart for you or a loved one. I'll have a convo with Spirit/Source on your behalf.

Sending you love, compassion and a warm hug. 

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