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Aray Tarot

About Me

I am Yara and I’m so happy you’re here.  When you meet me you will notice it’s like talking to an old friend. I'm a straight shooter but I do this with your heart in mind. My gifts and time and dedication to this work are sacred. I was chosen by my lineage, there's no other way to put that. I LOVE what I do, most days- other times it is definitely noted that this is hard. This work is not just a business, it's my practice, lively hood and absolute passion. It's my life's work!  I love learning about people, but first a little about myself, okay, maybe more than you bargained for, but I like to ensure I am a good fit for you.

I embody the divine feminine I was born on Friday the 13th afterall.  I linked a webpage below if you would like to nform yourself on this topic. I come from a lineage of highly spiritual women and what some may refer to as witches. I speak daily to my Spirit Family. I have a deep relationship with Mother Nature, Fairies, Mermaids, other ethereal beings, Goddess and Source. I am multifaceted, multiskilled and multidimensional. I am a book worm and a word magician. 

I identify as female, I use pronouns she/her. I believe the world is one big pot of different beings who crave oneness but sometimes that can be messy. I am a natural born leader, a teacher of many topics, but my favorite subjects include psychology, astrology, and human existence and dance. My titles and identity include Mother, Indigenous Woman of Color, Promoter of Decolonization,  Professional Behavioral Health Worker (10+years), and overall authentic human being who loves motivating others to be their most authentic and best selves.

I have an undergraduate degree in Human Services and worked my way up through the community college system. I have almost completed a masters degree in school counseling but decided that that path is not for me as the red tape and colonial ties to the work are not good for my wellbeing. Yes, that may seem crazy to some considering I am so close to the end, but when I found my calling (which was there the entire time) I really felt myself shift in more ways than one. Titles do not outweigh character and play a little to no role in intellect, experience integrity or alignment. 

I've learned that the ugly in life is what is humbling, and I can help you face those shadows with compassion and grace. The best part of the process is that you won't be doing it alone.  I don’t shy away from any subject. As a Scorpio sun, ultimately-nothing is off topic. I myself embody both shadow and light. I like to lean towards the light grey mostly. I was told that my resiliency is compared to a dandelion and I can't help but to revere at the understanding of being able to survive so much and still have a heart of gold. I feel that is where my divinity lies. This is why I choose rest and show others the same. 

 I have survived domestic abuse, burnout, narcissistic abuse, and oppression of sorts including poverty cycles.  My compassion and empathy leaves my clients with lasting hope because I believe in overcoming! To ensure that I am the right fit for you, it helps to want to challenge old habits which no longer serve you. I am only a seed planter. You have to do the work. It is an integral part of the process for me to remind you that you are responsible for the energy we bring into my space.

 The techniques I developed grew, and then I sought out other teachers to help me see how I could best move through my own challenges. No one is great on their own. It really takes a team. My team is comprised of human beings and a spiritual brigade. 

I began my journey as a child. I am fortunate my mother did not shun my gifts and shared with me her gifts and those my grandmother shared with her. I am a indigenous woman in diaspora. I am familiar with the Yaqui lineage as my beautiful mother has shared with me that she is living her embodiment but also not one who is practicing any formal Yaqui traditions.  I am also supported by the Q'ero Inca Lineage with whom my teacher Dra. Rocio Rosales Meza herself has shared deep prophetic truths, it is layered and nuanced to say the least. All of this is a journey and my hope is to share sparks of light that can guide you on your path and liberate us all!

I enjoy laughing, cooking, reading,  spending time with my loved ones, my home, my soul family, dancing, singing, creating and above all loving. I dislike cleaning, waking up early for things that don't light me up, superficial conversations or small talk. 

I hope you enjoyed learning a bit about me. I hope to learn about you. 

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This message is for you. Yes, you.  If you've made it this far, congrats you made it to the end of the page. I'm glad you're still here. Let's face it no one is perfect yet, here we are on this crazy journey we call life. There are so many pointless questions to be answered and some serious ones too. On a serious note, we all struggle AND you're still whole and perfect just the way you are. Sounds corny at first but you might need a bit of help to get you pumped again. So let's do a little bit of corny. (Insert Cher and Sonny vibes here) "babe, I got you, babe". I’ve helped my clients break through the obstacles that seem to be holding them back in life by helping them discern different paths, find acceptance, become empowered in self validation and find recourse in troubled times. Whether a tarot reading, a life coaching session, reiki energy healing session, or a few, I'm here to support you to make life changes. For now accept my love, dedication to this work, and know that if I'm always here in spirit and send you love, healing, compassion and a bit of pixie dust for when the days get hard. 

Angel blessings, 


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Thank you

An homage and thanks to the Tohono O'odham people and their land. (Where I reside.) This is also for all of us living in diaspora who don't know where we come from. Sending you all my love.

May you see your beauty.
May you experience joy.
May you connect with the land.
May you pray for our water with your sacred voice.
May you receive kindness.
May you accept grace. 
May the seasons change and bring with it abundance and transition. 
May you become peace. 
May you feel Spirit. 
May you feel the love. 
Above all, may you always remember.

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