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Prayer Request Form

Hi Angel,

Glad you're here. I know times are tough and we can all use a pick me up and a sprinkle of faith. This process isn't always easy, but I hope you can use this time to pour your heart so you are heard by this Earth Angel. You are supported by Spirit even when it does not feel like it.   It often requires surrenduring.  Some things are just on Divine time. Trusting the process is the hard part, am I right?

This particular process is pretty simple: Type from you heart what you need or a loved one needs to be sent to the Universe for resolution or healing; be as detailed or as vague as you'd like, but let you intention be held in your heart and nurture that truth.  The Universe responds to it all. Finally, trust in the Divine timing of your prayer. I won't be replying back, this is actually between you and the Universe. I rather keep the anonymity of it as it helps create more room for miracles. 

Sending you love, compassion and a warm angel hug,


Thanks for your feedback!

Prayer Request Form: Feedback Form
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