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Right Relation and Sacred Reciprocity is needed

My work is experiential. This means that it is heartfelt and words cannot surmise the work in itself. I lead with compassion empathy and truth. If you are a skeptic this is likely not for you. I do not do any convincing. Keeping an open heart is necessary to move forward and vulnerability leads to the most healing & reflections. That is up to you, I am only here to be the vessel for the conversation between you and Spirit. 

Gratitude for the work that is being completed is at the highest regard.  While I may seem young, I have a long lineage behind me, I share this window into my life that my mother and mothers' mother are deeply Spiritual women, my father was a powerful manifestor himself. I also share that the Q’ero Inca lineage also holds me thanks to my teacher Dra. Rocio Rosales Meza, here is her sacred work if you are interested in learning more (please, only look at her work if you are going to be in right relationship): Dra. Rocio | Linktree

Addressing me as a Sacred Medicine Keeper  (SMK) is understood and acknowledged. I am not a medicine woman yet, but I am a keeper and steward for the highest timelines. That is not an easy job! While there’s no necessary formality to call me SMK, Yara is my name (Aray Tarot is my business name not an alias); the acknowledgement is understood. Our relationship will feel familiar and warm as I lead in how my people have taught me. While I am very down to earth, I also have to let you know that I am just here for a short time and the gift of My Divinity is too sacred! If I am sharing that with you it is understood that you have a responsibility to adhere to these teachings to the best of your ability. I share this loving truth! So you are able to take with you the possibility of growth and change. 

There are no refunds. Full payment is due 24 hours before appointment. If a cancellation is needed, a rescheduling fee will be added to the price. A lot of my time and energy is invested in sessions before and after sessions are made. This is all created to honor my time dedicated to my craft. We live in a capitalist patriarchy. That means that I need to be well and that means I have to charge for my work in a way that is sustainable for my family and I. If you are willing to communicate your needs with me I can find a way to aid you to the best of my ability. Most of my free work that is available to you can be found on my instagram and tik toks. Creating a relationship would be important if you would like to work with me long term, where I can see a mutual understanding of your life and circumstances. There will be opportunities to have a scale price for your needs when I am able. 

There are many other layers to my being here, that means that if you are able, pay more. Extracting from BIPOC needs to end especially femmes and WOC who often sacrifice a lot to be the keepers of peace and sacred knowledge.

While I am a behavioral health professional, this work does not replace mental health or medical treatment. Here is a list of decolonial mental health providers and a list of counselors in your area 

To keep the relationship in highest integrity, I share my work with peers, friends and family alike but keep in mind that I am not for everyone, truly share this information with folk who know and can understand that they need to work in sacred reciprocity. Here’s a link to my first blog on Sacred reciprocity that explains right relationship and alignment: Part One: Sacred Reciprocity ( Remember that you do not have to work with me directly to give me monetary compensation because you might actually understand that as a keeper of the highest timelines my wellness is key to create a more equitable world or simply are feeling generous. My work doesn’t actually just keep me well, it keeps a larger community well. You are giving back to indigenous lands and keepers of light! Paypal: Cash app: $araytarot 

This work is decolonial, indigenizing and it works to keep integrity and alignment to the best of my ability. 

By moving forward into my website you acknowledge this and understand that you are looking to find more understanding to your path on this sacred earth.

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